Spoiled by the Father

This past month I’ve been a little bit taken back by the goodness of God’s goodness to us. I’ve seen things that have started a party in my heart. It’s a great party and it’s just getting started. The best part of it is I know there’s so much more to come. Over the last few months we have witnessed a few healing miracles in our community. Actual miracles. I’m going to not identify people but if you are hanging out with us I’ll gladly introduce you to these people. These are all medically verified healings by Dr’s and consultants.

One lovely lady was required to go for a routine scan. She was told she had cysts on her ovaries that were potentially cancerous. She then had to meet with a consult soon after and when he scanned her there were no cysts to be found. He was stunned as the scan he was given upon consultation and the scan he was looking showed no signs of cysts. She was completely healed.

We had some close friends over at our house for the afternoon. Their son aged 10 was getting into his parents car when one of the parents accidentally closed the door fully on the boy’s hand. Both parents heard a loud crack that sickened them both, and we all heard the screams from a distance away. One of the leaders of the church quickly ran over to help and pray for him. The parents rushed him towards medical care and there was nothing broken, nothing dislocated, no bruising or swelling. The boy felt like himself again quickly after and his parents were astonished that he hadn’t broken or dislocated anything after they looked at his hand initially. They took him for an X-ray and it came back completely clear.

Another girl in our community has struggled with poor health for about a decade. She has been one of our closest friends for nearly a decade, and we have prayed for her countless times. She was prescribed a lot of medication to live with anxiety, mood and Fibromyalgia pain. God has completely healed her and she is no longer on any medication after consulting with her Dr. Many professionals she has been working with to help her manage the pain have commented on how she looks completely different and is interacting with others more freely and is more alive. It has been nearly two months since she told me she was healed and I wanted to wait and see how true it was. Probably because we care about her so much and wanted it to be authentic healing in case her health relapsed. I’m happy to report that she is still a different, much happier and pain-free woman with more energy than she has had in years. It’s so good to see the friend we love have a new lease of life and be able to enjoy life in a way she hasn’t been able to far too long.

A gentleman who has been ministering faithfully to people in this part of the world for decades has been trying to come to one of our gatherings for 6 months. He finally was able to attend one due to work commitments. He was in a lot of back pain. He told me the following day that his pain is 85% reduced. He also told me that one woman in our church prayed for him shared what she felt God was putting on her heart for him, and he said it was the most accurate prophetic word he had ever received in the decades he has been in Cork.

We have also been praying for a new venue that we could meet in weekly in the city centre within our small budget. God really spoiled us. He opened the doors to a local renovated cinema that has been reopened as a cafe/ bar/ open microphone theatre and still functions as a cinema. It is the perfect venue for us. We can literally hand out hot chocolate on the streets, do public worship and teaching gatherings, invite people in for healing and run our small groups there and host conferences. We can have the presence we want to have in the city centre and it’s an amazing space for people who would not go to church come and encounter God. We’ve been having such a wide spectrum of people coming to Presence. From hungry believers, to atheists, to Buddhists, and a few muslims, students, and there’s always a car load of random Asian and Russian Sailors. God is doing something beautiful right now amongst us, and bringing us people. Jesus is doing the very thing He said He would do and is building His church. We just have to show up, seek the kingdom and love people well, and there’s nothing Hell can do to stop Heaven breaking into people in this city.

God is so so so good……and the best part is that I know we’ve barely started begun to see anything yet!


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