Our God heals real people in Ireland…..

One of the things I love most about God is the way he surprises his kids. Earlier this year we began to experience some things that were simply stunning. A few of us had been praying that God would begin to heal people whilst they were worshipping and singing and without us having to lay hands on people. This wasn’t because we don’t want to lay hands on people at all. We love praying for the sick and injured. We also wanted some of the skeptical people to know that healing isn’t magic. It isn’t some scientific way of if we gently touch people at certain points of their central nervous system or do something like “tapping” or change the temperature in the room that people’s conditions or pain levels could diminish. God can do everything and anything without us. He doesn’t need people for anything, but loves to involve them in what he is doing. So we prayed that if people were healed and no-one had come near them then they had either magically just got better, or God was answering our prayers and healing people when they least expected it. One of the reasons i am writing this now, is because i really value giving accurate reports, and want to wait for a while after the healing to see if it is a legitimate miracle and not someone getting excited in the moment of church gathering.

So it began to happen. One lovely lady unfortunately had a bad fall and badly bruised her ribs. She was fortunate not to break a rib or injure her self more seriously. For over a week she couldn’t lift her arm. She needed her daughter’s help to get dressed and do some other tasks. During the worship she was so engaged in the songs we were singing that she began to lift her hands in worship and began to raise them above her head. When worship ended she suddenly realised what she had been doing with her arms, and was stunned that almost all of the pain had gone. She came forward to tell us what had happened and her family explained how much pain she been in just getting dressed and ready to come and worship with us in Presence. God is so good.

Another lovely woman in her 40’s who is a good friend of ours is often in a lot of pain in her leg. When she was around 9-10 years old (i think), a bus drove over her leg and she was incredibly lucky to have the leg saved. The leg was crushed and she spent months in hospital in recovery. Whilst the leg wasn’t amputated, it has never been the same since and she has lived with well over 30 years in pain when it flares up. A number of us went on a road trip earlier this year and some of our friends prayed for her and asked God to come and heal her. I watched her well up in tears of joy as she realised all the pain had gone, she began to jump up and down in a way she hadn’t been able to since she was a little girl. It was a beautiful miracle. After a number of months since she was prayed for, her leg is still much better and the healing is legit. Such a stunning miracle.

One of my closest and dearest friends struggled for years with fibromyalgia which for her meant she lived daily with chronic pain and poor sleep as the most debilitating and frequent symptoms. She also had an anxiety disorder and was on a large amount of medication for all of her conditions and symptoms.  She was a colleague of mine in work, and I witnessed first hand how much she suffered with fibromyalgia and anxiety and how much they robbed her of a quality of life that many people can take for granted. She has the papers with her diagnosis or her conditions recorded. It has been exactly a year since she was completely healed of it all her conditions, and once again it happened during a time of worship. Within a few weeks she had been to discuss her the sudden change in her health with her GP, and the GP confirmed that she no longer had fibromyalgia and began to reduce her medication. She was off all her medication within just over a month and has enjoyed a year living with fibromyalgia and an anxiety condition. She is thriving and doing well in life and i’ve never seen her so free and happy in the decade that I have known her.

We always advise people, even if you believe you are healed do not stop taking your prescribed medication and go and present yourself to a Dr. Jesus did something similar when he healed someone he often told them to go and show themselves to the priest who diagnosed them because it so wise to follow medical advice, and let them declare you healed rather than someone who is not a Dr.  We value our medical professionals and it is often important for them personally to see a miracle. They may dispute it is a miracle, and choose to make sense of it a different way, but they alone can provide the evidence for the before and after for what has happened in your body. There’s been a number of other stories like this. I wanted to let you know that these are real people, with real stories, who live right here in Cork Ireland. This isn’t a televised or fabricated miracle that we often hear reports come out of different parts of the world like an American mega church, or a tele-evangelist / faith healer on GodTV or social media or in a Africa.
God loves people. A person’s bruised rib is just as important to him as a woman’s crushed leg or another woman’s chronic pain and anxiety. There’s nothing too minor or impossible for God to heal. If He can do it for them, then He can do it for you or people in your life.

I wish I could tell you why everyone isn’t healed. I often have questions like that myself as I myself could do with a miracle in my body. Yet I don’t resent the people who God does heal. I don’t get angry with God for healing someone’s minor issue and not someone else’s major issue. I am happy that breakthroughs like this happen in my life time, in my city, in my friends. I am grateful to know that our Heavenly Father is so good, and loves to heal his kids through other kids, and sometimes without them. My best answer, is Heaven isn’t fully here today. It still lies on the horizon of our future, yet parts of Heaven are available and within reach thanks to Jesus. He continually taught that Heaven was upon us, and at hand and available to us. There’s a reason why he told us to seek the Kingdom of Heaven above everything else in our lives, and that everything else would fall into place. There’s a reason why Jesus taught us to pray let your Kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven for reason. It’s a prayer the Father longs to answer.

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